I am an Agricultural Economist and a Research Associate with the Economic Modelling and Policy Analysis Group at Agroscope (i.e., the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research). I am also an Associate Editor at the Journal of Applied Economics.

My research interests are at the nexus of agricultural, food, and international economics. The broad question guiding my research agenda is the resilience of supply chain actors within different institutional setups to frequently changing food safety regulations and agricultural market shocks. My research objective is to understand how these themes interact to produce a sustainable global food system. I achieve this goal using ideas, large administrative macro- and micro-level data and cutting-edge empirical methods. Economic theory often provides clear predictions to guide empirical work; my work seeks to draw out and test these predictions to support evidence-based policy making. My research strategy emphasizes knowledge generation and targeted dissemination to stakeholders. You can find my complete research statement here.

Cross-country heterogeneity in pesticide residue limits
Fiankor et. al., (2021, ERAE)

Dela-Dem Doe Fiankor